BlackMailed!, Chapter 3

The brutal sex intercourse between Rebecca and detective Manly has left Rebecca at the edge of a bloody defeat. Manly anticipates his victory, but Rebecca won’t give up…One of the two will prevail and the other will die…simply as that…See the savage end of this graphic novel…
Written by Chacho. Drawn by Cabrera. 36 pages in full color.

BlackMailed!, Chapter 1

In this story, Rebecca is being blackmailed by a corrupt policeman due to the mysterious disappearances of some of its clients and the first police officer who was investigating the case. When Rebecca tries to seduce and get rid of David Manly, the corrupt detective, she will discover that she is dealing with a sadistic and exceptionally well “gifted” man. This fact will change the things between the two of them… Rebecca will want a “trophy” and the corrupt policeman, David Manly, will want to –literally- destroy her…
Written by Chacho. Drawn by Cabrera. 43 pages in full color.

Rebecca Steele, A Routine Night

A woman whose power hunger is only compared with her savage lust and crave for sex. This is the comic that started all of the Madame´s universe later widened to so many stories. Did you knew Madame Rebecca is a collector ???. Just wait to see hers!. That says it all about her! .
Written by Chacho. Drawn by Cabrera. 44 pages in full color.

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