Temporary closure of Rebecca Steele Web Site

Dear customers,

Until October the 13th, we will continue posting the new comics of Rebecca Steele on this site. But, since October the 14th, the new comics of www.bga-rebeccasteele.com will start being published in in www.badgirlsart.com along with the BadGirlsArt’s current series.

Since that date, October the 14th, this site, www.bga-rebeccasteele.com will be parked for some time awaiting better times (So, if you are a customer, don’t forget to download the Rebecca Steele’s past comics as soon as you can).Don’t forget to cancel your bga-rebeccasteele.com membership here: https://secure.verotel.com/v3/en/cancellookup …

And go to buy a BadGirlsArt membership since October the 14th, in order to continue enjoying all the future Rebecca Steele’s new comics, along with the BadGirlsArt series!!Of course, if you are a regular badgirlsart’s customer you won’t need to do anything. Just renew your badgirlsart membership and you will enjoy the new Rebecca Steele’s comics along with your current series since October, the 14th…



Welcome to the –new- Rebecca Steele’s comic site!!!

In this site we will weekly publish all the Rebecca Steele’s graphic novels and comics. Every week you will find an update with at least one Rebecca Steele graphic novel episode or an entire comic.
Best of all will be that all the comics and graphic novels’ episodes uploaded here, will remain published here for a year!!…not just for some weeks…
Enjoy the Rebecca Steele experience!!